Fro’s Favs: Ep 1 – The Glades

The Glades intro by Rachel Ann Harrod

THE GLADES is about Jim Longworth – a “brilliant Chicago homicide detective with a reputation for being difficult. When his captain wrongfully accuses him of sleeping with his wife and shoots him, he is exiled and forced to relocate. He lands in the sleepy, middle-of-nowhere town of Palm Glade, outside of the Florida Everglades, where sunshine and golf are plentiful and crime is seemingly at a minimum. But Longworth soon finds out this town isn’t quite as idyllic as he originally thought, when murders keep piling up. Each case pulls Longworth off the golf course and reluctantly into his element as one of the sharpest homicide detectives to wear a badge”.

Sounds technical, doesn’t it?  Well, it should.  I snagged it off the show’s website (  It was a lot better than what had to offer with “A former Chicago cop moves to a small Florida town and joins the state police”.

First one’s better, right?

Just smile and nod like a good little minion.

I came across the show last year per its commercials advertising “Sunny… with a chance of homicide”.

Needless to say… it caught my attention.

I love me some police/legal shows.  (Can we say Law & Order?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?)

For me, what makes me want to make sweet, sweet television love to this series is the one-two combo of the writing and the acting which beautifully go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly… like rum and coke… popcorn and Reese’s Pieces.

Hey!  Don’t knock it ’til ya tried it, buddy!

The writers are brilliant with the words they give the actors which alone are wonderful but then the baton is handed off and what the actors do with those words just gives it that little extra something.

Like chocolate and sex.

Separate?  They’re terrific.

Put them together?  You’ve got double-plus-terrific-osity with a side order of WOOT!

Clifton Campbell, the creator of the show, has been behind or otherwise involved with various other police/legal shows that I have loved such as Crossing Jordan, Profiler, Wiseguy, Law & Order: SVU, and White Collar.  With that kind of resume, it’s no wonder I love this show.

But the cast… oh, let us talk about the cast, shall we?

The main character is Detective Jim Longworth (played by the delicious Matt Passmore) who works for the FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement).  This Aussie was in a show that I’ve only watched a smattering of episodes of called “McLeod’s Daughters”.  (He played Marcus.  Ahhh, Marcus.  You make my nethers smile.)  Aside from being Hottie McHotterson, he’s smart and funny and downright charming (but not in an obnoxious way).

Where's Paolo?

Next we have Jim’s love interest Callie Cargill (played by Kiele Sanchez) who is quite the busy bee on the show managing working as a resident nurse while attending medical school and raising her tween son Jeff alone since her husband Ray went to prison.  She also starts forensic nursing, helping Jim and company with crime scenes and occasionally the crime itself.  (Though Sanchez has various projects under her belt, the only ones that spring to mind is the evil Nikki from LOST and Amanda in BURN NOTICE: THE FALL OF SAM AXE.)

Another member of the FDLE group is Dr. Carlos Sanchez (played by Carlos Gomez).  He’s a forensic pathologist who works in the crime lab.  He’s also Jim’s friend.  Carlos would rather stay in the lab supervising lab tests and examining victim’s corpses but occasionally is reluctantly forced to participate in the pursuit of suspects all thanks to his buddy Jim.

Jeff Cargill (played by Uriah Shelton) is the tween with a father in jail and a mom trying to make the best for the both of them.  He really loves his father, and it’s hard on him to be separated from him regardless of having irregular prison visits with his dad (whenever Callie has the time to drive him out there and back).  Jeff and Jim are friends and get along famously.  (I often wonder if he suspects anything going on between his mother and Jim, but he seems to focused on missing his dad to see Jim as anything other than just a family friend.)  I like Shelton.  He was pretty cool on an episode of FRANKLIN & BASH – nothing like his GLADES character at all.  The only complaint I have about Jeff?  He really needs to do something with his hair.

Please Hammer don't... eh.. too late...

Daniel Green (played by Jordan Wall) is a twenty-something grad student nerd from Tampa Tech armed with a frak ton of technical/sciency know-how, a high-level of intelligence, and the quirkyness of George McFly – all rolled up in a an adorkable, overzealous package as Carlos’s assistant at the Medical Examiners office.

Last but not least is Colleen Manus (played by Michelle Hurd) – the “smart and tough regional director for the FDLE”. She, like practically everyone he comes in contact with, is frequently annoyed by his antics, but due to him being so good at his job, she cuts him a lot of slack though she has no problem tugging on the reigns if she needs to.  It’s fabulous seeing Hurd again.  I absolutely LOVED her back in the day in Law & Order: SVU as Detective Monique Jefferies.  She used Munch’s (Richard Belzer) partner and was later replaced with Tutuola (Ice-T).


The show has been on for two seasons (the finale for the second season airing this past Month), and I’m betting they’ll be bringing it back for a third (though there’s no official word yet).  It’s clever and funny with just enough of romance, intrigue, suspense and action to keep you guessing as well as entertained and (if you’re like me) screaming at the universe when things don’t go your way.  But that’s the best part, right?  You want a show to get you all grumbly.  You don’t want everything handed to you on a silver platter.  You don’t want the pay-off right at the start.  The dance… the back and forth… it’s half the fun in getting there.

All in all, THE GLADES is a big bundle of YAY! mixed with a heaping scoop of WOOHOO! and a generous dollop of AWESOMESAUCE!

And who wouldn’t want to watch that?

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