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Matt Eskew is an art lover.  If you ever catch a glimpse of him driving around in his vintage ’63 Lincoln Continental, tattooed arms hanging out the window, blasting some rockabilly, you can just tell the man loves art in its many forms.  I first came to know Matt as the bass player for a local band called The Smashtones. After playing a few shows together, it was clear we both had a voracious appetite for music, but it was during a chance meeting at an intro to film class we both realized we shared an interest in cinema as well.

Over the years Matt went on to many more classes, where he studied film and the digital arts, and he ended up working for Sony Playstation and then on to Dreamworks, where he worked on How to Train Your Dragon, Megamind, Madagascar and Madagascar 2.

Recently, he’s been melding his love of music with his passion for filmmaking by directing music videos for such bands as MotoBunny and The Love Me Nots and he’s about to launch his newest, biggest project yet, the animated throwback to the sci-fi serial days titled The Adventures of Crash Tucker.

I was lucky enough to get a few questions over to Matt to talk about his work and his upcoming project.

Crash_posterHey Matt, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today.  Tell us all about Crash Tucker.  What is your role on the project and where did the idea for it come from?

The Adventures of Crash Tucker was spawned from my love of Sci-Fi/Sci-Fantasy. I have always been a huge fan. It’s truly a love that will never die.  I have many roles on Crash, but “Creator” is the one I’m proudest of.

With Crash I wanted to meld the vintage Sci-fi adventure serials (Buster Crabbe era Flash Gordon/ Buck Rogers) with a modern day approach to humor, cynicism and sarcasm (think shows like Ventures Bros and Archer).  At its beginning stages, before it had a title, I referred to it as “Fletch Gordon”.

How did you go about getting Crash off the ground?

The key so far has been picking the right team. I’ve been extremely fortunate to work with friends, who are not only amazingly talented people but really dedicated to making the project work. Three of the main characters have been cast and recorded. We start casting the rest of our characters soon.

Right now we have: Joel Hebner as Crash Tucker, Kari Byron as Helena Handbasket, Tyler Depetro as the voice of Crash’s ship “The Lucy”













Our Crew so far consists of our writer: Brian Newlin (

Character and concept artist: Huy Dinh (

Our poster designer Casey Castille (

Animator: Kevin Vassey, VFX: Rick McCann, 3D Modeler: Ken Stranahan, Pat Danford: Sound Design and our producer Maria Perry who gives our growing fan base a weekly peek inside the world of Crash Tucker.

You have quite an impressive body of work, how is Crash Tucker different from what you’ve done in the past?

In short, it’s ours. We want to build a show that we would watch and we’re doing it.

Is your music background in play here?  Will you be providing the soundtrack or at least elements?  Maybe some guest tracks from some of the bands you’ve worked with?

I have! I really wanted to take a rock and roll/punk rock approach to the music as well as some orchestral arrangements.

I’m trying to inject an unreleased Tell-Tale Heartbreakers song called “Fun” into an action scene– we’ll see if it makes the cut.

Also, we just recorded The Adventures of Crash Tucker theme song with the AMAZING Love Me Nots! We will be mixing it down next week with Agent Orange’s Dave Klein!

Speaking of music, can you tell us what you’re up to musically these days?  Tell us about your current musical project.

I’m playing alongside my girlfriend in a band called The Hellflowers. It’s been awesome getting back to playing music. We have our first show in LA on March 28th then a show in Arizona in April. I haven’t been on a stage in 2 years, so I’m very excited!

HellflowersAny upcoming plans for more music videos?

I just began editing on the new Love Me Nots video “Don’t Let Him” which was shot over 3 live performances throughout Arizona and Southern California. I’m also heading into pre-production for Motobunny’s next video, “Apocalypse Twist”.

Thanks again for taking the time to talk to us.  When can we look forward to seeing The Adventures of Crash Tucker and where can our readers follow your work online?

Thanks for having me!

We’re hoping to have stuff to show by Comic-Con. So keep an eye out for announcements and follow us on our Facebook,  Instagram and Tumblr.




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