Big Wow Comic Fest 2015

Convention Review:
by A.J. Lopez and Manuel Cabello
Produced by Rudy Loyda
Edited by Lon Lopez

We love The Big Wow Comic Fest.  Not only is it one of the biggest comic conventions in Northern California, it’s one that truly is a comic book convention.  Big Wow is also a great place to cosplay.  It really is Silicon Valley’s comic con.  Which is why is was near shocking news when just days before the convention it was announced that Steve Wosniak, partnering with comic Allfather Stan Lee, would be absorbing Big Wow and form the Silicon Valley Comic Con.  What does this mean for local comic book and cosplay fans?  What does this mean for the Silicon Valley?  It all remains to be seen until 2016, but until then you can check out our coverage of Big Wow right here!  Enjoy!

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