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UnCONventional: Naka-Kon 2014

Hey Kids, It’s a New UnCONventional with Mike Flores. This time, Mike braves the Midwest for anime convention, Naka-Kon 2014. Can Kansas represent like the rest? Find out for yourself in this week’s UnCONventional!

Tito! My Man! Video

MvF #13: Smaller Plates for Smaller Kids

No McCaw, No Problem! (Jk Derek, we love ya). On this week’s Moron vs Fanboy, segment producer Dave McGuire sits in for Derek as Lon and Dave talk about how Ballsy Marvel Studios is getting, Shake ups in Late Night TV and our Hairy, Geek of the Week!

Community meets GI JOE ReviewsTelevision

Yo Jobra! Community meets G.I.JOE!

What happens when one of our favorite shows on TV crosses over to one of our favorite Animated Action Cartoons of the 80′s? You get Community Meets G.I. JOE! Check out our quick review and some cool behind the scenes video on one of Community’s best episodes yet. YO JOBRA!

Closed Domes Video

MvF 12: A Game of Domes

Lon and Derek are back, talking bout the “Save the Domes” campaign, Today’s movie going experience and reveal the Geek of the Week, in this informative and thoughtful episode of Moron vs Fanboy! Enjoy!

Which one is Kaiser Soze'? Interviews

Bring Me The Ruby Slippers!

In 2005, an iconic piece of film history was stolen from a museum. Catherine Zeta Jones/Entrapment style? Perhaps. Not much is known about the heist, but film maker Theodore James sets out to find out, “Who Stole the Ruby Slippers” in an upcoming documentary and you can get in on some of the action! Read the interview here.

Thor and Darryl Video

MvF ep 11: Wizard Quest

Lon and Derek are joined by Jason Salazar as they talk about The Cinequest Film Festival and The Wizard World Comic Con in Sacramento. Also, for the first time ever, TWO Geeks of the Week. Check it out and share with friends.

Zach Levi Video

Nerd HQ Needs YOUR help!

Zach Levi is looking for your help to keep the Nerd HQ up and running. It’s a cool event that takes place around San Diego Comic Con and it donates to charity. So, check out his video request here and get all the full details. GOT IT? Good…

Donovan and Simms ep 3 Video

Donovan and Simms: Ep 3

The last times kids who were cops were this funny 21 Jump St. was on the air so you know that means a new episode of Donovan and Simms is here. Watch now as Donovan finds out some important news about an old colleague.

Shadow of Oz Interviews

Is The Shadow of Oz in the cards?

Wizard of Oz fans rejoice! A cool new project is launching and we’ve got an exclusive interview with The Shadow of Oz writer Mark Anthony Masterson talking about Tarot Cards. Check it out!

Milked my pants Video

MvF 10: Milk Life Fo Life

Moron vs Fanboy is back! This time, Lon and Derek say farewell to one add campaign and usher in a new era for milk. Plus The boys talk politics as they discuss one man’s quest to split up the Golden State. Plus our Geek of the Week! Watch it to find out who it is and you might win something… wink wink!

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