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Crash Course for Matt Eskew

We here at Moron Life get excited at cool, new, upcoming animated projects. We get even more excited when it’s a project from somebody we know. We take a minute and talk to the creator of The Adventures of Crash Tucker and friend of the site, the lovely and talented Matt Eskew.


Interviews DNS_Group_Ninja

Donovan & Simms Season 1 2nd Half.

Donovan & Simms wraps up its first season and we get to chat with series co-creator David McGuire in this sizzling, tell all interview! Plus the second half of the season videos too! Squee!


Interviews Which one is Kaiser Soze'?

Bring Me The Ruby Slippers!

In 2005, an iconic piece of film history was stolen from a museum. Catherine Zeta Jones/Entrapment style? Perhaps. Not much is known about the heist, but film maker Theodore James sets out to find out, “Who Stole the Ruby Slippers” in an upcoming documentary and you can get in on some of the action! Read the interview here.


Interviews Shadow of Oz

Is The Shadow of Oz in the cards?

Wizard of Oz fans rejoice! A cool new project is launching and we’ve got an exclusive interview with The Shadow of Oz writer Mark Anthony Masterson talking about Tarot Cards. Check it out!


Interviews Paul and Storm point at Clay

Clay talks to Paul and Storm

You read it right. Clay sits down and has an audio chat with Geek /Comedian /Musicians Paul and Storm. For your listening pleasure.


Interviews Mike, Anna and Lon

Scott Pilgrim: The interview.

Video Interview by Lon Lopez Scott Pilgrim vs The World is the new, super-creative and very fun movie from Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright and Superbad Star Michael Cera.  Lon, thanks to our sister site, had a chance to sit down with director and cast in this really cool interview.  Check it […]


Interviews Legendary Comics Artist JRJR

Comic Con Special: John Romita Jr. Kick Ass Interview

Hey guys and gals, in honor of Comic Con this week we wanted to get you all in the mood by debuting Lon’s interview with legendary comic book artist and co-creator of Kick Ass – John Romita Jr.  Remember, Comic Con isn’t just about all the Hollywood types, this convention wouldn’t be around if it […]


Interviews Dolph says hi to Lon

Shout out from Dolph

You can’t imagine how stoked I was when our good buddy Derek McCaw got me this tidbit from his phone interview with Dolph Lundgren.  What happened was, Derek knew how big of a Dolph fan I was and he offered the phone interview to me but unfortunately I was called into work.  So Derek, knowing […]


Interviews Lon Kicks Ass

Lon Kicks Ass!

Hey guys! Here’s a special Friday treat for ya’ll.  Lon sits down with the cast from Kick Ass to talk about the film.  Special Thanks to our sister site, for helping set it all up.  Enjoy!


Interviews This fist is for Derek

Dolph speaks Fanboy

Here’s a special treat.  Our buddy Derek McCaw from our sister site spoke with legendary action star Dolph Lundgren (in a Lon Lopez produced interview segment) about Universal Soldier:Regeneration and the upcoming Stallone flick The Expendables.  Check out the phone interview here with pics.  Enjoy!  


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