Kool Aid


The (Kool Aid) Kids Are All Right.

Ah the youth are doing it right man… The other day I was stumbling around the web on a stats tracking mission and I discovered a funny little video from a young comedian on youtube.  He goes by the ID Byyahh and he does parody vids.  I found this one because it was on the […]



Oh Yeah! – The Return of Kool Aid Man

Winner of Wizard Magazine’s 2003 Direct to Video contest. An action packed romp, as Kool Aid Man returns to stop an evil drug ring. Starring- John Swick, Lee Orr, Billy Karan and Paul Roy. Directed by Lon Lopez. {enclose KAM.mp4}



Tamer Abuelata

Experience and training: Tamer has no official acting training outside of experience with TBNT. Credits: Oh Yeah!: The Return of Kool Aid Man Interesting facts: Tamer was born in Egypt, and raised in France. Favorite Moron in History: me?


Repertory Players

Paul Fernandez

Experience/Training: Paul is a graduate (with honors) of the The William Shatner School for Overactors.   Credits: Man-2-Man, Oh Yeah!: The Return of Kool Aid Man   Interesting fact: Paul is the first Guamanian actor on television (at least in San Jose and Campbell).   Favorite Moron in History: That guy that tried to mail himself […]


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