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I Heart Hamas: And Other Things I’m Afraid to Tell You

by Clay Robeson Moron Life Staff Writer My first college drama instructor said that Theater was only good if it accomplished three things.  One, it must entertain the soul.  Two, it must elevate the spirit.  Three, it must enlighten the mind. Tonight, I had the good fortune to catch the second to last performance of […]



Student Shorts @ Cinequest

Always one to surprise and entertain, the Student Shorts program provides a window into the minds of young filmmakers. It features films from schools around the world looking at topics as diverse — and interrelated — as war (Thanksgiving, Operation Falcon), race (In Our Neighborhood, Interception), self-discovery (Red Wednesday, In Search for I, Traveling in […]


Movies youdontmesswiththezohanposter

I messed with a Zohan…

You Don’t Mess With The Zohan Israel and Palestine have been at odds for over a thousand years. The Middle East has been at turmoil ever since as battles wage over a holy land and it’s rightful heirs. Peace has been sought, and many a peacekeeper has tried to maintain a reasonable concord and ultimately […]


Moron Reality

Scraping Bottom

Reviews and Highlights from "Armed and Famous", "Surreal Life Fame Games" and "I Love New York." TV networks are forever searching for the perfect reality show formula.  Last week, three new programs debuted.  And once again, the networks rolled the dice and prayed for ratings.  Since I’m a reality TV whore, they didn’t need to […]



Live from New York it

Saturday Night Live Review 11-19-2005 Now I know that my last few reviews of SNL have been harsh, and it



Live, From New York, it’s More of the Same!

Saturday Night Live season premiere review. Oct 1st heralded in the season premiere of Loren Michaels sketch comedy institution, Saturday Night Live.  Hitting it’s thirty first season, SNL is still trudging along the path it so boldly blazed in the late seventies, but with a lot less gusto unfortunately.  However, not all is bad in […]


The Bangos


Name: Yolanda Experience/Training: Groundlings, Los Angeles, CA- training center grad (1998), regular cast (1998-2002), instructor (2000-2002). Credits: New York City Ballet – Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Ruslan and Ludmilla. Upright Citizens Brigade, Instructor/Cast Member. Favorite Moron in History: Shemp.


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