Features A new way to shave.

Damn! We wish we made this!

Normally we don’t trust sales types but we couldn’t resist this guy’s charm. And neither should you if you’d like to piss your pants laughing.


Features The Knockoff Christmas Choir

Charols done right!

The holidays. Eh. Some love em, some REALLY love em… The first thing that usually gets on my nerves is the berating Christmas music that is now starting a couple weeks after Halloween. Entire easy listening stations turn over their format to holiday music for the whole month of December in some markets! Well, leave it to our man Coco to do Christmas right.


Interviews LOST's Jorge Garcia

Lon Interviews Hurley, NO REALLY!

Celebrity Interview by Lon Lopez Once again Lon sits down with Jorge Garcia, the star of LOST, except this time it’s for real.  Jorge was the special guest of honor for this year’s Super-Con in San Jose and we were fortunate to be able to sit down with the jovial star.  Watch as Lon and […]



Shave and a Haircut, No Backs!

by Clay Robeson Moron Life Staff Writer I am a hairy man.  I freely admit it.  My mother is part Italian, and my father is part Sasquatch.  There’s no getting around the fact that I do not have a Backstreet smooth body.  And believe it or not, it’s actually really hard for me to write […]



Clerks Episode II: Revenge of the Smith

by: Sean Moriarty It’s been twelve long and strange years since Kevin Smith’s CLERKS killed at the Cannes Film Festival and snuck its way into our hearts as one of the funniest and most gut-wrenching comedies of all time.  It’s raw, no-budget production and genius dialogue made it one of the most unique comic films […]


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