Super Bad


Adventureland: Not what you might think.

Movie Review
By Lon Lopez

I need to make two things very clear about Adventureland in this review. The first thing is that Adventureland is a great, coming of age dramedy with a strong cast and fine story telling. The second thing to note is that this is not the movie that is being promoted by the studio. If you were to believe the trailers, the commercials, the theatre stand ups and just about any other promotional attempt for Adventureland, you’d be rest assured that this movie was a hilarious teen romp in the same vein as Super Bad. It makes sense of course, being that this film is directed by Super Bad helmer, Greg Mottola. But I have seen Super Bad my friends, and Adventureland is no Super Bad.


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Pineapple Depressed

Movie Review
by Lon Lopez

If you find yourself laughing at Pineapple Express, it’s probably because you really want to like this movie. I mean what’s not to like? Pineapple Express, yet another Team Apatow production stars comedy darling Seth Rogen (Knocked Up, Super Bad) and teen dream James Franco (Spiderman, Flyboys) in a funny movie about smoking pot. On paper, that’s a deal I’d sign for sure, in reality however, Pineapple Express is far from the Icky Sticky and more like a bad case of stinkweed.



The SuperBad Experience

Superbad Comic Con Exclusive Premiere Review by Lon Lopez I want it to be known that since the first minute I saw the first trailer for Super Bad, that I immediately wanted to see it.  I’m a sucker for the teen comedy, but I’m even more of a sucker for a Judd Apatow teen comedy.  […]


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Super Bad? More like Super GOOD!

SuperBad Movie Review by Lon Lopez Ladies and Gentlemen, the teen comedy is back.  What’s that you’re saying?  You thought it was already back with the string of teen movies where a girl might be “all that” or a guy might just hump a pie? Unfortunately my friend, you were duped.  Those were some square’s […]


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